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whispers never forget that dark time when season 1 was still airing when people didn’t know that Masaoka was Ginoza’s father… and shipped them

never forget

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Zankyou No Terror & Iceland


After I watched what’s been aired of the series, I’ve noticed a few funny connections between the show and Iceland.

Let’s take Twelve and Nine as an example:


I noticed that Twelve’s belt along with Nine’s bracelet are in the colors of the Icelandic flag.


As well as their signature:


Von: Means “Hope” in Icelandic.

After I listened to the OST, stumbling upon the song titled “Von”. It became clear to me that Von HAS to mean “Hope”, that it’s not a coincidence.

My translation of the song can be found here:

Von isn’t the only title from the track list that I found were in Icelandic:

Track list:

01 Lolol
02 Von (feat. Arnor Dan)   [Meaning Hope]
03 Ess                               [Meaning the letter “S”]
04 Saga
05 Fugl                              [Meaning Bird]
06 Hanna (feat. Hanna Berglind)*
07 Veat
08 Lava (feat. POP ETC)
09 Walt
10 Birden (feat. Arnor Dan)
11 Fa
12 Nc17
13 Ís (feat. POP ETC)       [Meaning Ice]
14 22 (feat. Ryo Nagano)
15 Seele
16 Lev Low
17 Ili Lolol
18 Bless (feat. Arnor Dan)  [Meaning “Good Bye” or just “Bye”]

*Hanna is sung by an Icelandic girl, but is not sung in Icelandic.

When Shibazaki goes on a solo investigation he gets told that Nine listens to “music from a cold land.”

Maybe that’s Iceland?


But it’s not only Nine and Twelve, it’s Five as well:


She was painting her nails in the colors of the Icelandic flag.


I wonder what kind of connections  are between Five, Nine and Twelve are to Iceland?