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episode 10 predictions

rin: man sousuke... im so sad about what happened with haru... i just need a good shoulder to cry on..

sousuke: yeah about that

Nine || “…with eyes like ice
Happy Birthday, Nim-chan! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


Then fucking makashima this BITCH!!!! I tried to deny my attraction to him I really did I tried to stay loyal to my shinya but the more I denied how sexy he was the more I fell😍😍 I had high expectations him being the sexy antagonist and yet he died HE FUCKING DIED

Ohsaka-san, Shimazaki-san and Hanae-san’s Cool Voice Vol.11 Interview Summary


I finished my work early than I thought so…

I took the scanlation from this post, thank you very much!!

I’m sorry that I can’t translate all of the words because the scanlation isn’t high quality enough so I can’t read some Kanji…orzll And I’m quite lazy too. (//kicked)

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Haruka: *YELLING*




ED: Hey future fish!